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Chicks arriving April 1

Purchase one
bag of chick starter feed, and you can purchase up to 10 chicks for $1.00 each
Chicks are all pullets (female) Rhode Island Reds.




Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday Gifts...

Shopping for just the right gift, but not sure what to buy? That's not a problem at LTD! LTD Farm and Garden now has gift cards available.

Just stop in and ask, we'll get you a gift card for that special someone on your gift list.


Just a short distance from beautiful Pilot Mountain, you'll find LTD Farm and Garden, a thriving business located in King, NC. As a member of the Stokes County community, LTD Farm & Garden strives to provide that person to person customer service of days gone by while offering the products you need today for your farm or home.

Since the business first opened their doors in 1990 as an independent Southern States dealer, LTD Farm & Garden has established themselves as a friend and partner of the community. Whether you need nuts and bolts or acres of fencing, you'll find a large inventory of all the things you need to maintain your farm or home.

Perhaps you are a homeowner with a patio garden or a working farmer with multiple acres to maintain. Maybe you have pastures dotted with grazing livestock or simply a beloved cat or dog as the family pet. Regardless, LTD Farm & Garden can assist you with whatever your needs, small or large.


Pest of the Month - Chickweed

Chickweed is perhaps the most troublesome lawn weed for our area.  It germinates in the fall, remains low, then proliferates with the warmer and longer days of spring.  Chickweed grows low and dense in the lawn or in shaded, moist areas. It has a small, light green, egg shaped leaf with a point on the end. The flower is small with five white petals that can continue to bloom throughout the summer. It also thrives with mowing and has a shallow root system that pulls up easily in large handfuls.  Chickweed is easily controlled with herbicides. 



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LTD Farm & Garden carries power equipment, hand tools, hardware, fencing, plants, metal roofing, mulch and so much more. Including Husqvarna,Carhartt, Kawasaki, Lakin & McKee, Echo, Heritage Safe Company, Diamond Pet Foods, and so much more!

LTD Farm & Garden welcomes everyone, please stop in and visit anytime.


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